Re:Ist wie bei JonTron flat
Autor: Pezking
Datum:03.08.19 09:45
Antwort auf:Re:Ist wie bei JonTron von Gendo

>>Bevor man bemerkte, dass Jontron ein Rassist und sprechender Haufen Scheiße ist, versteht sich.
>Häh? Was ist da passiert?

"During this appearance he said that, "nobody wants to become a minority in their own country", and stressed that he took issue with white people being labeled as racist for wanting to remain a majority. He said that he saw this reaction as hypocritical with how the majorities of other countries are regarded. Over the course of the one and a quarter hour appearance, he also commented that he had seen statistics that wealthy blacks commit more crimes than poor whites, as well as asking whether the colonisation of Africa by European countries was a good thing."


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