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Datum:19.07.19 19:22
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Gerade kam eine Mail.

„Hello everyone, I’m happy to report that this week we submitted a patch for Switch, once it’s approved we’ll update the game asap. The following changes are already locked in, and we’re working to confirm even more changes/improvements etc. for this patch, hopefully by next week:

Performance Updates

The teams continue to work on input delay, stability and optimization. We’re not ready to release these improvements just yet, but we’ll be sharing more information in the coming weeks.  

Bug Fixes

Map quest markers no longer showing when target has been killed
HD Rumble issues in certain areas fixed
Familiar Changes

Familiar upgrade via Grade was nerfed
Increased strength based on level
Dullahammer Head has been nerfed
Shard Adjustments (Decreased Power)

Riga Storaema
Flame Cannon
Straight Arrow
Chase Arrow
Heretical Grinder
Circle Ripper
Shooting Dagger
Riga Dohin
Welcome Company (nerfed significantly - starting from 3 portraits instead of 5)
Weapon Adjustments (Decreased Power)

Flying Edge
Rhava Bural
Rhava Velar
Enemy HP Increases

Dullahammer Head
Drop Adjustments

Increased the drop rate of "Monster Fur" from Simians

Text corrections

Map close button has been remapped to standard exit/close button
Marker button has been changed
Trail display button has been changed
Map scroll speed improved
Zoom in and out improved
Zoom level retained when reopening the map
Auto-center when opening the map
Last but not least, we’ve seen lots of people bring up the bug on XB1 regarding the “Overlord” achievement not unlocking. The teams are aware of this and are going to be fixing it! The fix is currently scheduled to be done within the next two weeks. I know that may sound like a lot of time, it’s just a matter of prioritizing more important fixes and improvements for now. Thank you everyone for your patience while we continue to make improvements on Switch and the other platforms as well, we will be following up with more updates soon.“

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