Dev lehnt Epic Store ab, macht dann Epic Store-Exclusive flat
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Datum:12.07.19 14:26
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[...] So would Rebellion be tempted to do an Epic Game Store exclusive?

“I’m not really a big believer in exclusives,” Kingsley starts. “For me the relationship I have with the consumer is important and it matters to me how many people buy and play my games… We listen to our fans as best we can.

“It’s not just compensating us for lost sales on platform X or Y. Fine, that might de-risk the project, but you also have to factor in the cost of the negative reaction from people who are upset by that decision.

“There’s a kind of fairness aspect to this, and I want to be fair to the fans who want to buy it on the platform they want. So that’s sort of my feeling at the moment. I guess that could change but there would have to be a bloody good reason.

Money talks!

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