Bevorstehender Win10 Store Release, 9. Juni flat
Autor: membran
Datum:06.06.19 08:13
Antwort auf:Metro: Exodus von wantan

Und soll angeblich wohl auch im PC Gamepass sein.



"While the game will still launch on Steam in February 2020, it looks like another storefront will get it even sooner: it's just appeared on the Windows Store, with a release date of June 9.

It's interesting timing: Microsoft has confirmed its Xbox Game Pass subscription service will launch on PC, and the release date for Metro Exodus perfectly aligns with the date of Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference. We don't know yet when Game Pass will launch for PC, but in the event that it launches during that press conference, it's not too big a leap to expect that Exodus will be one of the featured titles.

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