Assassins Creed Ragnarok: Das nächste AC? flat
Autor: Derrick
Datum:06.05.19 14:25

Oder zumindest wurde etwas dazu im Resetera Forum geleaked. Hier die Infos von dort. Ist natürlich mit Vorsicht zu genießen. Hab gedacht ich mach mal nen neuen Thread zum Spiel auf. Wenn nicht erwünscht, kann der auch gerne wieder geschloßen werden.

Hier die Infos:

-Assassin’s Creed (codenamed) Kingdom planned to come cross gen 2020

-Actual name is Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok

-Main character is ally of Ragnar Lodbrok and aids in the formation of Great Heathen Army

- Map is split into several kingdoms encompassing all of Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland

- Kingdoms are split into regions that can hold settlements.

-Settlements have some customization and in game economy systems

- Large scale “conquest” battles return, and can be used to weaken enemy hold on regions and parts of the story

- Player does become an assassin and use hidden blade

- First Civ lore is a bit less than Odyssey, finding a vault and Mjolnir

- Game is developed primarily by Montreal

- Creative Director is Ashraf, Darby McDevvit is the Narrative Director

- Sofia is assisting but is planning on creating a DLC set in Iceland and using Yggdrasil to move across the 9 realms

- Co-op is returning, and can be used in most side quests and world exploration

- RPG mechanics, eagle, and ship combat is all returning

- Ship combat is toned down to focus more on exploration

- Game is more focused on exploration, removing question marks on the map, and making players want to explore locations for better loot (like Breath of the Wild)

- Larger emphasis on build and armor usage.

- Player has ability to change outfits on the fly, which can speed up or slow down notoriety build up in different kingdoms and stop Sheriffs coming after you

7 Bilder gibst auch noch dazu die sehr unfertig aussehen was aber auch nicht weiter verwunderlich ist.


Hier der Link zum Leak bei Resetera:


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