Update 1.4 u.a. mit neuer Farm-Map... flat
Autor: Kilian
Datum:30.04.19 15:14
Antwort auf:Stardew Valley ab 14.12. fĂĽr Konsolen zu haben von wolfteam

"Hey everyone, just wanted to share this screenshot from the upcoming 1.4 update! It's a big one & this image only reveals a fraction of what's coming. Featured here is a new farm map called Four Corners that's perfect for the much requested "separate money" option* in multiplayer."

Four Corners

*If you have an existing multiplayer farm, money will remain shared, but you can go to the Mayor's house to separate (or re-join) the money at any time. If you separate it, the current funds will be split evenly among the players. For new farms you can set the option at start.


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