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Datum:05.04.19 16:43
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>>valve hatte doch aber diese spiele nicht eingekauft sondern die publisher nutzten den store einfach als kopierschutz, korrekt?
>Wer sagt denn das Epic da was einkauft?


"Snapshot Games' community manager took to Discord to address fan concerns, and in the process shedded some light on just how much Epic pays for exclusivity.
via: Revisor007

"If we had to refund 100% of currently pre-orders, we'd still be in the black," they say. "In the black" is a retail term meaning one turns a profit. So doing the math, Epic has promised Snapshot Games well over $2 million to be exclusive.

The community manager went on to clarify the terms of the deal, saying that Epic's promise didn't come in the form of a single paycheck. Instead it was "for a minimum guarantee - which means Epic will guarantee that we will sell X number of copies. Even if we don't hit that number, they still pay us."

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