Return to Yharnam (seit gestern) flat
Autor: hoover2701
Datum:11.03.19 12:16
Antwort auf:Bloodborne # 6 - New Game PLUS von Pfroebbel

Für alle, die die Wartezeit auf Sekiro verkürzen möchten:

"Greetings, Hunters!

Every moment brings us closer to our most anticipated event of the year. As you know, this is when even the most weary and blood-drunk hunters return from their prolonged rest. Behold! The howls of beasts and cries of the tormented fill the night. Come one and come all, the most majestic of nightmares await in this year's Return to Yharnam!

Gather amongst you the bravest of hunters, for this event will begin March 10th and run all the way through the 24th. Fellow players from both the Bloodborne Reddit and Discord community as well as the Dark Souls community shall be joining in on the Hunt.

Please take note of the below:

• To get the most out of this event, create a brand new character and play through the game while summoning as many random co-operators and invaders as possible.

• Assure that your matchmaking region is set to Worldwide.

• Leave a note in the Hunter's Dream next to the bath messengers with the words "you're in the know, right?" and upvote any messages like these that you find.

• Finally, and importantly of all, have fun!

Happy Hunting!


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