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Datum:06.03.19 10:31
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Ich freue mich schon sehr drauf


Overall, I found my hands-on time with Days Gone to be an intense experience. The stunningly gorgeous visuals are a stark contrast to the main characters’ rather bleak existence. While the story may seem like a dark and hopeless scenario, there are glimmers of light strewn about that I won’t go into, as to not spoil any major plot points. Days Gone is a title that’s looking to blend a lot of great mechanics from various genres and then throw in some survival game aspects on top of that. Riding around on a motorcycle is pretty enjoyable as well.

After the three hours we spent with the game, it became clear that Days Gone is going to be worth the extra wait we've had to endure. It looks like we're dealing with another strong PlayStation exclusive, but we'll find out for sure when the game lands on April 26.

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