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Gerüchte aus dem ResetEra.
Klingt sehr gut, vor allem Shaolin Monks Adventure Modus. Joa, bin ich bei :)

Reveal in VGA

It will have 4 years of dev cycle (1 year concept 3 year full development) longest to date.

Concepting actually even started while making MK X. They were always thought back to back games in terms of story

It has proper adventure mode , new version of Shaolin Monks type of gameplay. pretty big deal , you can play and customize your character in this mode,lots of items for customize weapons etc shit too. Also boxes (daily, buyable etc..)

Adventure mode is 2 player co-op , online or single. drop in drop out

Story mode and adventure are different both are included. story mode is normal NRS game style.

Story evolve about 3 main character

Punishing raiden ; hes now punishing anyone trying to even dare to attack earthrealm

Emperor liu kang and empress kitana ; preparing army and trying to find something of stone left from ages of those deity gods in MK universe(cant remember names elder god or something)

Shang Tsung and Reiko they made deal with Kotal Kahn to protect and rule outworld security , reiko has it's own agenda though gets killed middle of it.

Uses UE4 instead of UE3 like all other games of NRS
Animation cancel its actually not a.cancel but something of pseudo of it. Much as you can expect from a western company i guess looks infinitely better than MKX in terms of animations. Something similar to UMK.

Fujin is playable character

Johnny cage,goro,sonya,kano,baraka,mileena,ferratorr %100 not playable

gesendet mit Atom!client für iOS

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