Statement eines Ex-Entwicklers flat
Autor: Rand al'Thor
Datum:22.03.18 12:14
Antwort auf:Sea of Thieves von magus

"I worked on this game for over 2 years. A lot of internal people voiced their concerns that the game was insanely repetitive and shallow. This was about a year a go before I left . I guess nothing has changed. I've been waiting a year for this day and the shit storm that would hit once everyone realised they had been sold half a game. I'm gonna sit back with a few beers and watch the story unfold :)"


Mal schaun wie lange es Rare noch macht, irgendwann muss Microsoft doch mal die Geduld verlieren. Das letzte richtig gute Spiel, Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, ist knapp zehn Jahre alt.

Nach dem Ende von Rare könnte Microsoft die Banjo-Lizenz an die Yooka-Laylee-Macher vergeben. Perfect Dark könnten sie von The Coalition oder 343 Studios wiederbeleben lassen.

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