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Datum:15.02.18 14:42
Antwort auf:Nee, hatte ich gestern auf der PS4 von K!M

>Es wäre ausreichend, wenn man als zusätzliche Siegbedingung, dass man mit 80% der Städte auch gewinnt.

Gute Idee. Hab den Entwicklern etwas Feedback zukommen lassen und mir erlaubt deine Idee mit aufzunehmen:

Make Hero Units cost money
It doesn't make sense that you can send in a Hero Unit  as long as you've reached a Comms Link, even at the beginning of a match, when you (and the enemy!) haven't earned enough money yet...

Make Lancer units cheaper compared to Riflemen
I understand there should be a unit which only costs 100 coins, your minimum turnover as long as you own at least one building (i.e. a factory) - but Lancer units are not worth 3x the price of a Riflemen unit, more like 200 coins... (Note: This might have changed with the last update, where Lancers got stronger against Riflemen and Heavy Metals.)

Riflemen are now too powerful compared to their price
With Update 1.0.10, the growth of the sighting range of foot-based units meant less possibilities for ambushes and other surprises, maybe as a concession to Fog Of War criticism. Especially Riflemen are now too powerful in my opinion; now, you can flood the field with cheap Riflemen units and use them to overrun cities, block enemy factorys, plug strategically important pathways or surround even far more powerful units i.o. to keep them away from progressing on the battlefield. (Note: This might not be a problem anymore at all, as soon as enemy untis are able to use Focus Fire and Assault.)

Make conquering cities a victory target
The finale of many matches oftentimes becomes boring routine, when an enemy in a hopeless situation starts to behave unnaturally, producing cheap Riflemen or Striker units which one then has to hunt down. Enemy HQs are often too far away, too hidden or sometimes even not available i.o. to short-cut the struggle. I suggest to create, at least for some missions, a new victory target: Conquering a certain ammount of the buildings available in a given match. (Side note: Varying the victory targets a little more often would be an easy way to create more variety for the missions in general.)

Teach AI how to use Focus Fire and Assault
Having taught AI how to heal its units and not be a kamikaze commando all the time, is a great thing for Tiny Metal. Now, they should also learn how to use Focus Fire and Assault i.o. to create equal conditions for human and AI players. (Note: I understand Hero Units to be some kind of "Green Zero" as in Roulette.)

Reduce Radar units to two, Striker units to one
This might sound a little experimental, but please consider it: The game now has three Radar units (including AWAC) - in my opionion, that's way too "crowded" as I barely make use of them. They're too expensive, too slow (land-based) and too vulnerable, so I mostly use them as a red herring or cheap sacrifice (like the Riflemen units). I suggest to create only one Radar land-based vehicle, with the range of the Field Radar and all other features of the normal Radar unit. Same goes for Striker units, where a combination of Striker and Heavy Striker would be enough, i.e. strength of a Heavy Striker and all other features of that of a normal Striker (including range).

>>Jetzt müsste es nur auch für PS4 und Switch rauskommen... :)
>Schon da!

Schön. Da bin ich ja mal gespannt... :)

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