Patch 1.0.11 - bessere KI, Balancing flat
Autor: K!M
Datum:15.02.18 09:36
Antwort auf:Tiny Metal (PS4, Switch) Herbst 2017 von K!M

-. Add Simplified Chinese localization
-. Add Traditional Chinese localization
-. Add three new skirmish maps “Happy Island”, “The Great Hill”, and “Battle Of Three Kingdoms”
-. Add almost double the amount of unit voice quotation of the Metal in English

-. Teach AI how to heal damaged units
-. Teach AI how to use Radar units for maximum radar coverage
-. Tune AI to better use low health units

-. Add Field scene quick battle animations
-. Add extra hotkeys Z & C for canceling
-. Add extra hotkey X for opening menu
-. Increase text size for unit action descriptions
-. Increase text size of unit names on build menu
-. Rename Phased Array Radar to Phased Array
-. Improve hp bar displayed percentage precision
-. Improve visibility of score tallying
-. Improve control responsiveness on large maps
-. Make PC default to windowed fullscreen

-. Increase Riflemen base damage against other Riflemen
-. Decrease Riflemen base damage against Lancers
-. Increase Lancer base damage against Riflemen
-. Increase Lancer base damage against Heavy Metals
-. Increase difficulty of Upper Path skirmish map

-. Fix victory being forgotten upon reload if player quits during victory cutscene dialog
-. Fix edge case in team ordering at start of round
-. Fix ai Striker units not attacking as planned on specific maps
-. Fix the trigger for “Soldier’s Log #16”
-. Fix the name of the speaker not displaying on two dialog screen
-. Fix Metalpedia description of Scout units erroneously claiming they cannot enter forests
-. Remove inaccurate unit data from Metalpedia unit entries
-. Fix edge case on M08 where player could get stuck if they did not kill the enemy Fighter
-. Fix skirmish map Big Field not being listed as a 3 team map
-. Fix a dozen odd-kanji choices in Japanese localization

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