Patch 1.0.10 bald da! flat
Autor: Kilian
Datum:29.01.18 20:07
Antwort auf:Tiny Metal (PS4, Switch) Herbst 2017 von K!M


Patch Notes 1.0.10:

-. Add three new skirmish maps “Split Fire”, “Sea of Trees”, and “Abandoned Park”
-. Add loading screen in replacement of open cutscene video
-. Expand Hero Units Metalpedia entry

- Increase text size for event dialogs
- Add 0.1 second wait between Hero selection and landing selection to prevent mis-presses
- Add canceling of fast forward during cutscene dialogs
- Add two extra zoom levels in field mode
- Allow player cursor to enter unseen terrain
- Make player cursor hover on top of tiles and not fixed to the floor
- Make attack previews for indirect units show the unmoved attack range
- Make camera panning track focusing on indirect unit’s targets
- Make saving settings perform an immediate save to disk
- Move cutscene dialog buttons to non-moving position at bottom of screen
- Reduce default unit voice play chance to 50% from 100%
- Increase contrast of hp % number on per unit hp bar

- Make all land-based units healable at Cities, HQs, and Factories
- Increase difficulty of M13 & M14 on both normal and New Game +
- Reduce flanking vulnerability of Fighter units to 15% for attacks from behind
- Increase terrain sighting range by +1 for Riflemen, Lancer, SpecOps, Sniper, and Scout
- Increase terrain sighting range by +1 for all buildings that can be captured
- Increase attack power of Riflemen and SpecOps against Sniper units
- Increase attack power of Lancers against Heavy Metals
- Decrease difficulty of Mt. Forest in Skirmish Mode

- Fix victory not being given to player on three or more team maps under rare conditions
- Fix cursor realignment upon new player turn when auto-move to next action is disabled
- Fix optional mission 3 (MX03) not revealing during New Game+ mode
- Fix some UI text not being translated

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