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Autor: Kilian
Datum:22.12.17 11:32
Antwort auf:Tiny Metal Switch-Review von Pirx


"Tiny Metal has the core mechanics nailed down brilliantly (...). Area35 has crafted a tactical wargame which is every bit as compelling, addictive and challenging as its inspiration, while adding in a storyline of surprising drama and complexity. The robust single-player campaign - twinned with some great one-off maps in the Skirmish mode - is worth the price of admission alone, but when the multiplayer mode arrives (...) the game will become even more essential."

Schönes Review. Klingt ja ziemlich gut!

Hier sind noch ein paar aktuelle Tests:

[] 4/5

"Tiny Metal doesn’t copy the Advance Wars formula — it improves it. (...) It is an excellent tactical RPG at the end of the day and one that longtime fans of the genre should check out."

[] 7/10

+ "If you liked Advance Wars, then you will find Tiny Metal very satisfying."

- "The AI needs a bit of a tweak, (multiplayer mode is missing yet and) it feels like a multiplayer match could be fun but that there would be too much possibility for one side to get an overwhelming advantage too quickly by conquering unit production buildings. (...) A few minor UI issues also pop up, like times where it's hard to tell which tile you are selecting when a bunch of units are grouped up close together."

[] 4,5/5

"Area 35's first title is a solid effort. Despite its simplistic looks is a game that demands a good amount of planning and strategy. Tiny Metal will definitely be familiar to Nintendo fans who are still looking for their next Advance Wars fix."

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