Torchlight 2: Vorerst keine XBLA-Version flat
Autor: Gunpriest
Datum:13.08.11 10:15


Max Schaefer, the Runic Games CEO, told Eurogamer that the first Torchlight just barely fit under XBLA's file size limit. While file size is not the issue here, memory is, Torchlight 2 would still need to be "comprehensively redesigned" to get on the Xbox 360's download service.

However, "We would have to be redoing the interface for a console release anyway, just like we did with Torchlight 1, so it would probably make sense to do something more specifically tailored to the Xbox," Schaefer said.



Scheint so, als ob sich XBLA-Nutzer auf eine längere Wartezeit einstellen müssen. Oder auch vergeblich warten werden.

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