Kann noch dauern .... flat
Autor: Lynne
Datum:28.10.10 11:18
Antwort auf:Arrrgh, wann kommt das endlich!? von Don Cosmo

Aus dem Borderlands-Forum, ein Eintrag von gestern:

“When will the Borderlands 1.41 Title Update be released,” you ask?

The Title Update is finished and in the process of being reviewed for launch. We are almost green lit across the board for this free update to be launched, but we still need just one more light to turn green. In other words – we’re *almost* there! We expect that last light to turn green within a couple of weeks, possibly sooner. Once this happens, the Title Update will be made immediately available for all platforms.

Naja, bleibt mir halt Zeit, in Ruhe die letzten paar Kugeln in Crackdown 2 zu suchen.


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