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Datum:09.10.10 10:16
Antwort auf:Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - jetzt auch Remastered von odst-soldier

There is absolutely nothing urban about it: no street-tough cut-scene posturing, no low-riding custom tuners, no mobile phone branding, no gritty city backdrops - nothing, in other words, to slow you down.
That includes any attempt to force you to roam Hot Pursuit's open world. Although a free drive mode is available, Hot Pursuit's career interface jumps you straight to events from a map, while its multiplayer works through a straightforward lobby system.

So you've taken your cues very much from social network design and from social discovery systems like Apple's Ping?
Yes. But it also comes from those very natural discussions you have when you're playing games: 'what was your score?', 'what was your best time?'. You know, the game should do this for you! It knows everything, it's attached to a server, it knows who my friends are – with some decent tech and a good creative, we can start pressing some of those buttons for people.
But another thing you're saying is that, despite this sense of inclusion, and the ease with which we can get to grips with these cars, this is all based on accurate data. Is that right?
I have one example I always use. When we got all the data from McLaren for the SLR 722 we saw that the car's meant to do 209 mph. But in the game it wouldn't, it would only do 204 mph. We checked the numbers, because there's a deep physical simulation going on there; there are 20 values just for the rear wheels another 20 for the front, then there are dimensions and torque curves, all that stuff – which we do a really good job of covering up, because the game is all about having fun. But the McLaren was still only doing 204, so we started looking for physics bugs… then we realised that the rear tyres were 2mm too small. We increased the size, ran the simulation and off it went: 209 mph…

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