SEGATON: Neues Virtual On für Xbox 360 angekündigt! flat
Autor: sonic
Datum:19.05.10 12:02

Nachdem Virtual On Oratorio Tangram eines der erfolgreichsten Spiele für XBLA war/ist, wurde nun ein neues Virtual On angekündigt: Virtual On Force.

Es soll sich dabei nicht um ein XBLA-Titel handeln, sondern um eine ganz normale Retail-Version.

Die SEGA-Countdown Seite (wobei das gar kein Countdown von 10 bis 1 sein soll sondern von 10 bis 4, also Virtual On 4)läuft noch [] aber die Scans aus der neues Famitsu verraten bereits alles []

Virtual-On Force is the upcoming Xbox 360 action game from SEGA. It will be released not as a downloadable title like Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram, but a full blown retail title.

The game, of course, will feature online play via Xbox LIVE and 2-on-2 "Leadership Org Battles". For online, the screen can even be split for four players. There is a co-op play for giant boss battles, and there's a single player mission mode, too.

No word on the inevitable Virtual-On controller peripheral.

Currently, the countdown clock is still continuing on SEGA's site. Five more days left! Oh, the suspense. Humorously, the SEGA countdown site actually seem to acknowledge this leak. The site currently says it is anxious as the "correct answer" can be found written online — apparently an oblique reference to the Famitsu reveal hitting the internet!

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