PS3 - MAG : Massive Action Game flat
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Datum:30.04.09 10:40

Hat einen eigenen Thread verdient imo. Finde, dass es in dem Geb├╝hrenthread unter geht. Neue und viel versprechende Hands-On. Der Massive Multiplayershooter (bis 256 Spieler)Kommt von Zipper (Socom) zum Jahresende:

Joystiq Hands on:

"A solid framerate ("at least 30fps at all times"), no lag, responsive controls, a great command structure, and a persistent world where your actions contribute to your faction's ultimate goal of ruling the world, makes for what could be the top shooter of the year, on any console. Modern Warfare 2, I hope you're listening -- this is the one to beat."


Eurogamer Hands on:

"MAG is fun. In fact, it's massive fun. It's fast and loose, free-flowing, improvisational, spectacular, structured without being too rigid; it accommodates lone wolves, team players and power-trippers alike, and makes it easy for players themselves to direct the action. You'd expect it to be intimidating, but it actually feels like the FPS for everybody. Even after just one 20-minute, 128-player match, it's hard to shake the feeling that, one day, all multiplayer shooters will be made in its image."


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