Demon's Soul [PS3] flat
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Datum:14.04.09 17:00

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Demon's Souls may well be 2009's Valkyria Chronicles; an impressive, original, fresh new PS3 RPG that ultimately has little impact. While belonging to less a niche genre than VC, the frustrating difficulty is sure to turn off many. Sound and graphics considered, the game is aesthetically a few notches below VC.

An improved online co-op and a simple easy mode would widen the game's audience substantially. As it is, most people will have to suffer many aggravating deaths before they get good enough to really appreciate the game's detailed, gory combat. Boss fights are a special treat, as each one starts off seemingly impossible – you against a giant steel knight or a huge armored spider – but with tenacity, becomes beatable. Demon's Souls is easily the most satisfying PS3 game I have ever played. Yet I know that many will never get over that initial hump, and they'll end up selling the game for store credit to buy Ninja Gaiden Sigma used. Tecmo gives you save points every ten meters and super powerful ninja magic to clear rooms full of enemies if you get stressed. Demon's Souls gives you an ultimatum; get good, or die.

They just don't make many console games like this anymore.“


Graphics: 78%
Sound: 77%
Gameplay: 90%
Control: 90%
Story: 84%
Overall: 84%

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