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Autor: Andy1977
Datum:16.06.07 16:49
Antwort auf:review DS Version von youss

Öh, ich glaube, du hast die Wertungen falsch abgetippt :)

Grafik   5.5
Sound    3.0
Gameplay 7.0
Lifespan 5.0
Overall  5.0

Ansonsten schein ich ja leider recht mit meiner Befürchtung zu haben: Keine neuen Räume :( Oder hab ich was überlesen?


>Compared to the original, the game looks splendid. The game looks much cleaner, and the animation as your character jumps is nice. While it isn't at all that impressive, it still gets the job done.
>The sound quality isn't really that impressive. The voice work is still difficult to hear correctly, and the soundtrack and sound effects are fairly straightforward.
>Who would've thought that a game that relies solely on pixel perfect jumps would be so enjoyable? The only downside is the gameplay lacks longevity.
>It is still a highly enjoyable experience, though added variations would've helped the game greatly. You'll eventually memorise room layouts, robot movements and puzzle pieces, making the game become far too easy.
>Not particularly sure why this game is valued at AU$49, since it is such a simplified game that barely holds any substance compared to newer and similarly priced games. And that in itself, warrants a few points off the final score and of course, the other shortcomings.

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